Lord Krishna play School

About Lord Krishna Play School

At Lord Krishna Play School, we look at your child as an individual and not as a class. We do so by building an atmosphere conducive for your child to find his/her own strengths and proclivities and learn in a manner that is best suited to their personality. Find your passion and do what you love, is what we often tell our kids. But this finding of passion is not something that they can do suddenly in senior classes unless we have nurtured an environment which fosters that freedom and that notion. By that time really, the one-size-fits-all approach has systemically pigeon-holed them into professions that may be safe and secure but certainly not ones that is their passion and interest.

In carving out self-actualised individuals from the child that you entrust in our care, we mould them through activities that go beyond the bookish education, make them go through challenges that help them realise their inner strength, and build in them a strong sense of self,character, dignity, decency, and respect for human life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take advantage of the teachable moments that happen every day and inspire a lifelong commitment to learning in children. We aim to inculcate the following:

  • Promote a sense of self-identity to develop confidence and independence.
  • Develop good moral values and respect for ones and other people’s cultures and beliefs.
  • Develop social competency to enable them to work individually as well as in groups.
  • Provide a stimulating environment to enable each child to attain the fullest of his/her potential.
  • To Guide each child to become a “Responsible Global citizen”

Our Philosphy


“The right to education is not only the right to attend schools, it is the right to find in schools all that is necessary to the building of a questioning mind and a dynamic conscience”.
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